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ANKENY, Iowa  —  Never underestimate the lengths a father will go for his daughter.

On Friday night, a send-off was held for Koach All-Stars Cheerleading and Tumbling members in Ankeny before they left for a national competition. During the event, their dads put on a surprise routine and created a special moment for a military family.

“For those that may not know, little Mikayla’s dad is deployed, so he could not be here today. So we wanted you to feel special and all of those dads are now your dad,” said Ashley Bailey.

After this, each dad handed Mikayla an American flag and a big bouquet of flowers. The best part, though, was when Mikayla’s dad appeared on a giant video screen. He and his Iowa National Guard unit had also been rehearsing a routine in the Middle East.

“Hey, Mikayla! I’m sorry I can’t be there with you, but I can’t wait to get home and see you!” he said in a recorded message.

The reaction says it all. Mikayla watches and smiles while her mom wipes away tears of joy.