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IOWA FALLS, Iowa — A trip to the library can now turn into a short trip on a bike. The Barlow Memorial Library has begun a bike lending program. So, if you have a card to check out a book, you can also check out a bike.

“All libraries have found we have to add to our special collections,” said Erin Andrews, Library Director. “We recently added ice skates, due to being on the river in Iowa Falls.”

Andrews said the former Library Director here found the idea for checking out bikes being done in Ohio. Some money was donated by the Barlow Family to purchase the bikes from a local bike shop.

“You must provide a helmet of your own, or check out a helmet,” said Andrews. “A bike lock is required also, to be check out with the bikes.”

Kids can check out bikes, but they must have parents sign a waiver, to release the library from liability.

Iowa Falls is called “The Scenic City,” due to the Iowa river carving through rocks at making for some picturesque views. Riders can ride around town on a three-hour limit, they are not allowed to leave the city with the bikes.