Cheap Shot on Field Leads to Adult Fight After Iowa Youth Football Game

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BEDFORD, Iowa — Casey Pierson and his son Braydon share a love of football.

“The Hawkeyes.  We’ve gotta watch the ‘Hawks,” said Casey with a smile. Watching his 10- year-old son play football every Saturday for the Ringgold Raiders in the Pride of Iowa Youth Football League helps brings another smile.

Casey said, “It makes you proud watching him take the ball and run it 75 yards.”

But this past Saturday at a game against Bedford, Casey says an opposing players actions signified everything youth football should not be. “He was lying there waiting for everyone to get off of him when a kid from the opposing team nonchalantly punched him in the groin.”

Casey’s ex-wife was recording the game from the stands. Casey says the boy seen throwing the punch was not penalized by referees and was taken out by Bedford coaches for just a handful of plays. Casey said, “It’s the only one we have on video. It was not the only punch thrown.”

Tempers ran high after the game and spilled over from the field to the parking lot where it turned violent between parents.

Casey recalled the incident and said, “There was a bigger guy that got a little pushy with someone from our side of the field. I got down and said that’s not a good idea and we were leaving and the next thing I know is I have one guy on top of me and they told me there were actually two guys on my back. The first guy was punching me in the back of the head.”

After reviewing the matter, the youth league’s Commissioner Shane Bregar says the young boy who threw the punch has been disciplined with a one game suspension. “No that’s not enough. He should be suspended a couple games and maybe the whole season,” said Casey.

Casey also hopes justice is taken against the men he claims attacked him. He said, “I hope they are prosecuted for it. They should be.”

But most of all he wants the game his son enjoys, to continue being a game that teaches positive lessons. “They are supposed to be learning respect, sportsmanship and none of that was shown by the opposing team,” said Casey.

Casey says he has been told by the Ringgold County Attorney that a decision to file charges against the men who attacked him will come within the next couple of days.


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