CHARTER SCHOOL: Audit Shows Lack Of Oversight

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An audit on the Des Moines Charter School has been released and it shows several problems with tracking school funds, property, and the hours worked by some employees.

The audit reveals the school didn’t keep proper documentation of its cash. Receipts for uniforms and other items weren’t kept, with an estimated loss of at least $700. Proper justification for the educational value of a trip to an I-Cubs game for students, which cost $725 was not provided.

The school purchased 90 flash drives, for a cost of $1,268.10, and the drives were distributed to students. At the time, the school only had 64 students and the response to the audit says the additional drives were given to students who needed replacements and to teachers. They were distributed with no cost to the recipient and no records were kept on who received them.

The audit shows the Administrative specialist for the school didn’t keep proper timesheets and found anomalies in the time listed as worked and her actual hour. She is also accused of making personal purchases with a district credit card.

The school’s director, Nina Rasmusson, says in the response to the audit that many of the issues were because of a lack of training.

“As the Director, I was not assigned a mentor, did not receive any training from the Central Office staff and often had to learn things ‘the hard way’. The same can be said for the Administrative specialist position.”

Comments on the internal audit by the district show the duties of the Administrative specialist were clearly defined in the job description and it was not up to the Director to change them.

“Adjusting the requirements of a position to meet an employee’s personal life or lack of experience and skills is not acceptable when the routine business of operations and the duties of other staff of the Charter School are affected.”

You can read the entire audit here.


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