Channel 13 Investigation Into RAGBRAI’s Charitable Contribution Claims

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Each year at least 10,000 cyclists sign up for the ride and it generates about $3 million in economic impact for the state.

RAGBRAI also collects nearly $2 million on passes alone, with a week costing $175 and a day pass $30.

Add on sponsorships and merchandise sales and the profits go up even more.

According to the 2018 RAGBRAI handbook, after all the expenses are met, the Des Moines Register contributes the profits derived from the ride to non-profit organizations and causes within the state.

But some question whether RAGBRAI, The Des Moines Register, and its parent company Gannett are living up to their promises.

Channel 13’s Sonya Heitshusen shares her investigation into RAGBRAI’s claims.



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