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DES MOINES, Iowa — Couples of the same sex have been legally able to marry in Iowa since 2009, but that could change warns Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Jack Hatch, a Des Moines state senator.

Hatch said the scenario could happen if Iowans re-election Republican Governor Terry Branstad, keep Republicans in the majority in the house and also give the party control in the senate. Hatch thinks Republicans will make it a priority to pass a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages if they control the statehouse, an effort some Republicans have failed to get through the legislature in previous efforts.

Hatch said the issue of same-sex marriage legality is “settled” now. He added, “Of course, but it could always change. I think we have to realize that you get a Republican house and a Republican senate and you have a Republican governor, then marriage equality is at risk.”

Hatch said Branstad would use his “bully pulpit” as governor to push for Iowans to vote on the ban, if Republicans are in control next year.

Branstad denied that, saying that he won’t push for the constitutional amendment, although he backs what supporters call traditional , one-man, one-woman marriage. “It’s a legislative matter,” Branstad said,

“I respect the legislators are the ones that are going to make a decision on this, ” he said. Branstad said, instead, he will focus on the healthiest state initiative, educational improvements and bringing jobs to Iowa.