AMANA, Iowa- The Tannebaum Forest in the Amanas wrapped up their 2022 season this weekend. There were 73 Christmas trees decorated by families and area companies. The proceeds from the event went to the Stead Children’s Hospital at the University of Iowa.

“They come out and decorate the tree, and then they are here for a weekend starting Black Friday doing lots of trees,” said Dana Jensen, the festival organizer. “Lots of fun things to see we have a café. We have entertainment some weekends. It’s just a riot.”

The event takes place in Festhalle Barn, which is a big barn left from the days when the Amana Society used the barn for cattle.

“We are in a barn that’s originally built in 1856,” said Jensen. “It’s actually burned down twice, and rebuilt on the remains of the 1856 building in about 1900. It’s over 100-years-old, it’s a little drafty little cold here.”

To compensate for the cold outdoor propane heaters are placed around the display, but not too close to the trees.

Many people come to Amana to see the lights, and do some shopping. One place people like to stop is the International Christmas Market inside the Amana General Store. The Christmas Market is jammed full with Christmas trees, and is up all year round.