Central Iowa Woman Feels California Quake in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Sabetha Mumm and her two children were in Las Vegas for a dance competition when the first earthquake hit on July 4.

“All of a sudden I felt the sliding wall behind me rock side to side and I thought, ‘wow that’s interesting, they’re trying to put it away while we’re all sitting here,’ and then I looked and I didn’t see anyone putting it away and it started to shake even more,” said Mumm.

Mumm says it was more a feeling of amusement than anything else, and most people were interested rather than scared. The quake was measured as a 6.4 on the Richter scale.

Then, on Friday, they felt the larger 7.1 magnitude quake. Mumm says the smaller one lasted about 15 seconds. The second one shook for about half a minute. Mumm was in an event space for the competition gala at the time.

“I actually had to put my hand on the table to steady myself because that one was so much bigger. The next thing that happened was we all looked up and of course there are huge chandeliers in the ballroom and right above our table was the lighting truss for the production, and that thing started shaking. That’s when we all got up and moved out of the way,” she said.

The lighting truss stayed in place and no one was injured.

Mumm, the wife of Polk County Emergency Manager A.J. Mumm, says she and her two children are headed to California in the next few days for another dance competition. She hopes the shaking is finished but says they should be prepared.

“I’m not scared, but I think we’ll probably take some time to make sure that if we did get separated or if something major would happen, we’ll know what to do,” said Mumm.

The New York Times reports that seismologists are warning  that “more episodes” are expected.

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