BONDURANT, Iowa — The fall season is officially here as of last week and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is highlighting great local areas for fishermen to cast out a line.

Fall brings changes to the weather which switches up fishing methods to make it easier on the average person wanting to enjoy the state parks.

“In the fall the bite time changes a little bit and so in the summer you think ‘gosh I’m going to have to get up early to beat the heat, I’m going to have to stay late’,” said Tyler Stubbs, a Community Fishing Biologist for the Iowa DNR. “In the fall that time kind of crunches down to the middle of the afternoon.”

Stubbs added that the water temperature is cooling off, so fish tend to go to shallow water for warmth. Also, fish are more active in the fall than the summer due to the upcoming winter conditions.

There are more than 100 places for people to walk up to the shoreline and fish in the metro.

“We have around 120 of these around the Des Moines area and you can find all of those on our Fish Local page,” said Stubbs, referencing Lake Petocka in Bondurant.

You can find the DNR’s Fish Local page here. The page has resources for anglers of all types to take advantage of.

One angler was out at Lake Petocka on Saturday morning fishing for bass and catfish. He said that he has been fishing for over 20 years and it’s a great way to clear his mind.

“Takes a lot of stress out,” said Mickey Goggin, from Des Moines, as he stood along the shoreline. “It’s just fun to be outside, just outside fishing and every now and then you get a bite.’

Goggin unfortunately did not catch a fish on his early morning venture, but enjoys being out in the great outdoors regardless.

Those wanting to buy a fishing license can purchase one at any sporting goods store or the Iowa DNR’s website.