BOONE, Iowa — Over six inches of snow fell on Boone Wednesday night. That meant a lot of digging out for residents, and some business for snow removal companies.

Shawn Dennis, of Dennis Home Improvement, had some thirty homes to visit to clear walks and drives in town.

“This is pretty heavy pretty deep, said Dennis. “This is the second snowblower of the day, I already ran through one of them this morning, so yeah, this is my backup, is just try to go nice and slow, and milk it through the day. We got about 10 more accounts we’ve got to get done.”

When you’re riding the snow blower you notice how cold it gets.

“Actually, it’s not too cold so if you like winter not too bad, if you like going out to Seven Oaks that probably would be the place to go if you ask me,” said Dennis. “It’s all right to work in it’s not 45 degrees below, that first snow we had that was 45 below is almost worse.”

In downtown Boone, Dutch Oven Bakery night shift employees decided to build a snowman in front of the business. The snow was the topic of the morning men’s coffee group which meets at Dutch Oven.

“I live outside of Boone at our house we had a little over 6 inches of fluffy snow,” said John Jordan. “It’s heavy, very beautiful, we dug out of our place thanks to our neighbor and then was in town by eight.”

Huge piles of snow were in the middle of Story Street and other downtown streets. According to Boone City Hall, the snow was set to be removed and hauled away in the nighttime hours, and the snow ordinance was still in place.