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PELLA, Iowa — After careful consideration, Central College has decreased their tuition cost nearly $20,000 in an effort to make the tuition costs more transparent.

“Today I am excited to announce that Central College is announcing a new admission price of $18,600 dollars for the fall of 2020,” said college president Mark Putnam.

The decision was largely influenced by the confusion surrounding the true overall cost of tuition. Putnam explained that previously tuition at Central was offset by scholarships and financial aid. Therefore, a large majority of students paid less than the previously published price of $38,600.

“The price change begins a new approach to tuition in Iowa, offering transparency and rationality to what students and families actually pay,” said Putnam.

Comparing it to nearby private institutions in the metro area, Central’s new base tuition is the most cost effective with others like Simpson College and Drake University reaching higher than $35,000 a year.

Although the new tuition cost is more cost effective amongst other private institutions, public in-state tuition at Iowa’s three public universities is still cheaper, averaging about $9,500 a year.

Central has guaranteed this new base cost to all of its new and current students starting next school year. Numerous scholarships will also be available for qualifying students which helps bring down tuition even further.

“The new price in tuition is a bold step in the right direction for Central College and for higher education,” said Putnam.

The college estimates that students earn upwards of $9,000 a year in various forms of financial aid such as scholarships and grants. The new tuition does not factor in the cost of room and board which the college estimates to be an additional ten-thousand dollars.