Center Grove Orchard Adds Sunflowers to Agriculture Offerings

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CAMBRIDGE, Iowa-For years Center Grove Orchard has been a fall stopping spot for central Iowa families. The orchard offers farm experience with a barnyard, with animals, apples, farm equipment, and of course food.

This year, a new offering, a field of sunflowers. These are for purchase by pick your own, or already picked in a vase or can in the gift shop. Photographers can also buy a photo pass to use the field for a stunning background for portraits.

“Typically they want North Dakota South Dakota, it’s what they’re yearning for, that type of weather,” said Deanna Black of Center Grove Orchard. “Many other farms as we’ve gotten to know them have been having wonderful success with sunflowers, so we thought we could offer the same opportunity for people in Iowa.”

People can pick the flowers or pay for a photo pass. That information is on the Center Grove Website, you can click here.

“We have amazing staff, we have an amazing crew that came out here and they hand planted these flowers,” said Black. “So, it did take quite a bit of work, but there was a lot of love put into it.”

The field is 12 acres, which also has 12 varieties of sunflowers. Steve Black said the flowers were planted at staggered times, so they would not all bloom at once. The sunflowers are in bloom now, through at least mid-September.

“Center, Grove Orchard ,we are a family orchard that we have this beautiful setting for people to come out to learn about agriculture and have fun all the same time,” said Deanna. “It truly is a place where families can make memories that last a lifetime.”


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