RIVERSIDE, Iowa — The news of actor William Shatner’s trip to space did not go without notice in Riverside, Iowa. This is the official birthplace of James T. Kirk, whom Shatner brought to life on Star Trek on TV and film for decades. Kirk will be born in the town of Riverside 207 years from now – at least according to townfolk.

“A book from Steven Whitefiield and Gene Roddenberry … it said that Kirk was from a small town in Iowa,” said Mike Meinders of the Voyage Home Museum, “Didn’t say where in Iowa. The city (asked) for permission to see if we could become that town.” The company producing Star Trek liked the idea, so they were given a certificate of authenticity. They’ve held Trek Fest there every year for the past 37 years on the last weekend in June.

 “It was really touching watching William Shatner this morning when he got off the Blue Origin,” said Diane Vanderlinden, of North Carolina. “Thrilled that he was able at 90 years old, got to finally going to space.”

The Voyage Home Museum was not scheduled to open on Wednesday, but was able to open when visitors stopped and one of four volunteers who run the museum could come and open it up.

If you would like to visit this museum, check out their website.