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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — An abortion-rights protestor was run over by a truck while crossing the street in front of the Federal Court building in Cedar Rapids Friday evening.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department released in a Facebook press release that a protestor was injured by contact with a vehicle at around 7:17 p.m. at the intersection of 8th Ave. and 2nd Street SE.

The police department said a group of protestors were legally crossing the street when the traffic lights changed, giving the right of way to vehicles on 8th Ave. A verbal confrontation between a driver and protestors lead to the vehicle hitting a protestor, police said.

The injured person was interviewed by law enforcement and then transported to a local hospital for minor injuries. The driver of the vehicle also was interviewed by officers.

According to Liz Lenz on Twitter, two peaceful protestors were hit by a Ford Raptor. Lenz said in the Twitter thread that one of the protestors’ foot was run over, but everyone seemed to be okay.

Witness video shared with Lenz and posted to Twitter shows a Ford Raptor driving through an intersection while protestors crossed. The driver continued to drive while protestors struggled to get away from the front bumper of the vehicle. Other demonstrators hung onto the driver-side window and threw things at the truck in an attempt to get the driver to stop.

People from across the state organized to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The ruling made abortion a constitutional right at the federal level for 50 years. The Supreme Court has left it up to the states to expand or limit access to abortions.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department said more information will be released when made possible.