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INDIANOLA, Iowa — An Indianola bicyclist is thankful he is alive after he says he was intentionally sideswiped by a car.

This happens more often than you might think, but this time it was all caught on camera.

“It was a beautiful day. It was windy Wednesday afternoon,” Ben Carpenter said.

It was just another bicycle ride for Carpenter, until it wasn’t.

“My hands are on the drop and the car skates by and hits my knuckle,” Carpenter describes. “That’s how close these guys were.” He has a hole in his glove to prove it.

A video captured by Carpenter’s CYCLIQ dashcams on the front and rear of his bike show him traveling northbound on Highway 65 and 69, just a few miles south of Indianola, when a car veers off the shoulder of the road, hitting rumble strips, and sideswiping Carpenter.

“Holy cow man!” Carpenter screams in the video after almost getting significantly hit by the vehicle.

With a passenger’s head sticking out the window, you can hear them screaming at Carpenter. The car appears to purposely swerve toward him.

While Carpenter says he’s been in some dangerous situations before on his bike, this one was a first.

“There`s always the inevitable where you’re three strong in traffic or something like that, but nothing, nothing where clearly, someone was shooting for me,” Carpenter said. “I think that’s what was so shocking.”

Not to mention the tiny margin of error.

“There were so many different scenarios that could’ve ended up so much more negatively,” Carpenter said. “I can tell you at the time I was just ticked off. It wasn’t until I got back and looked at the footage that I was like, ‘crikey that was a close one.’”

The Warren County Sheriff’s office was able to find the driver responsible thanks to the footage. Late Friday afternoon, the driver and his father showed up to Carpenter’s business in Indianola and apologized in person.

Carpenter said in a Facebook comment that he has decided not to press charges.