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Corn Count: If corn kernels are any indication, President Barack Obama may have a tough year ahead. Sure, our Cast Your Kernel booth at the Iowa State Fair is far from scientific. But I don’t recall a presidential vote so lopsided in the past. The president took 40% of the votes. The Republicans split 60% of the total. I’ll be curious how these numbers look when we do this next year after knowing who the two party’s nominees will be.

Now to the numbers…

Michele Bachmann has lead since day 1 and she follows up her Iowa Straw Poll win with a victory in our corn poll. She finished with 26%

Rick Perry has been on the move ever since he stopped by the fair. He made a big push the past 3 days and ends up at 23%

Ron Paul also made a late surge today and caught up with Mitt Romney with 15%

Sarah Palin finished in 5th place with 6% (yes, we included her, even though she’d not a declared candidate. Rudy Giuliani was in the mix, too).

Herman Cain came in 6th with 5%

We didn’t let people vote for Tim Pawlenty after he dropped out of the race last Sunday. But his total of 3% still tied Rick Santorum.

After that, Newt Gingrich took 2%, along with Giuliani. You can see the full results here.

We had 40,267 votes. That’s the second most all-time, second only to 2008. 48,865 people voted when Obama edged out John McCain 51-49%.

Interestingly, 4 years ago, voters went far more for Democrats than the Republicans. Does the big change the other direction this time mean something for the next election?


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