Carter vs. Carter: “Shirley became my mother, not my mother-in-law”


Shirley Carter

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa — On day three of the Carter vs. Carter civil lawsuit in Marion County, attorney’s called more family members and law enforcement to the stand.

Bill and Billy Carter are suing Jason Carter for the death of wife and mother Shirley Carter.

Jason Carter’s Attorney, Steve Wandro, started the day by continuing to question Shelly Carter, Jason’s wife.

Wandro asked her about their finances both for their family and farming business.

Attorney’s said money is a major part of this case and has been listed as a possible motive in the death of Shirley Carter.

Shelly also talked about her relationship with Jason and his affair and if they had worked everything out.

“Yes we have. We’ve been through a lot of counseling. Everyday I work on forgiving, but never forgetting because I don’t deserve that and neither do my children,” Shelly said.

She also talked about her former relationship with Shirley and how she became more than just a mother-in-law.

“My mom became very ill and she died from a rare heart disease and Shirley became my mother not my mother-in-law,” Shelly said.

Then Wandro asked, “How old were you when your biological mother passed away?” Shelly said, “I was 20. And Jason and I had just gotten married. So she did see us get married, but Shirley became my mother.”

Bill Carter’s Attorney called Nick Webb, Co-Owner of Texas Forensic Associates to the stand to talk about how he was called in as a private investigator, for Bill Carter, to recreate the scene.

“We did a site inspection, looked at the residence and information with Bill, and located the evidence that had been repaired,” Webb said.

Later in the day, Bill Carter’s attorney called Jason Carter’s mistress Tara (Hoch) Kauzlarich to the stand to talk about their 15 month affair.

During questioning Tara said Shelly was told about the affair and actually made Jason call Tara on his phone.

“I was at work and he was calling from his regular phone, which I thought was strange because we didn’t communicate through that phone anymore. I answered it anyway and He didn’t tell me right away that Shelly was listening, but he was acting strange. Essentially what is was is that he wanted me to tell Shelly that the only reason we were talking is that he was helping me through my divorce and problems,” Kauzlarich said.

Kauzlarich’s testimony wrapped up day three. Court resumes at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

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