Carter vs. Carter: Family Members of Late Shirley Carter Testify

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa– In the second day of testimony in the Carter vs. Carter civil lawsuit both law enforcement and family members were called to the stand.

It was a very emotional day for many people sitting in the Marion County Courthouse.

Bill and Billy Carter are bringing this civil lawsuit against Jason Carter who they believe killed mother and wife Shirley Carter on June 19, 2015.

Attorneys questioned law enforcement about the crime scene the day Shirley was found shot and killed in their Lacona farmhouse kitchen.

The attorney for Bill and Billy questioned Mike Halverson with the DCI about the bullet he found in the refrigerator and the condition of office.

“In the desk things were very much in disarray papers were pulled out, filing cabinet pulled out. Looked like someone had torn through there. It was not in a very nice and neat order like the rest of the house,”

Attorneys for both the defendant and plaintiff said this looked like a staged robbery.

The next witness they called was DCI Investigator Mark Ludwick, who read the transcripts of the initial interviews with both Jason and Bill Carter.

“We learned after we had released the scene, Jason Carter had hidden his sexting phone in his pickup truck,” Ludwick

In addition to officials, both Billy and Shelly Carter were called to the stand and both of them expressed how much they missed Shirley.

“The night before Shirleys death, we were sitting side by side on the deck and our daughter… I’m sorry I just really miss her.  Our daughter was sitting on the swings and Shirley turned to me and said, ‘The one thing I want to control is the way I mow my yard and I can’t even do that,” Shelly Carter said.

Later Shelly said she agrees with Jason and accused Bill of killing Shirley because she thinks they were growing apart.

Billy Carter talked about how often he talked to his mother and said they wrote notes to each other often.

“I kept all the notes my mom ever gave me. I kept every one of those notes and I got ‘em in envelopes this thick,” Billy Carter said.

Shelly Carter was still on the witness stand at the end of day two.

Testimony resumes Thursday at 9:30 a.m.

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