Cardiologist Preaching How Food, Not Drugs Can Help Lower Cholesterol


DES MOINES, Iowa — February is heart health month and one cardiologist is trying to stop heart disease from being the number one killer in the United States by lowering bad cholesterol levels. But instead of prescribing drugs, she’s prescribing food.

Nearly 70 million Americans have too much bad cholesterol, and twin cities’ cardiologist Dr. Elizabeth Klodas says 80 percent of those need not exist.

“My mission is to really help empower patients to be better stewards of their own health. I mean ultimately I’d love to put myself out of a job. Again, like I said, 80 percent of this need not exist. By every account, I should be out of a job and that’s my goal with starting this company and really putting an emphasis on nutrition,” Dr. Klodas said.

Dr. Klodas found herself constantly prescribing pills to lower levels instead of looking at the root cause of the problem, the patient’s diet. That is why she created Step One Foods to create an easy way to get back to healthy levels of cholesterol with just two servings of her products a day. They deliver four essential nutrients that improve cardiovascular health, and ironically are nutrients that are missing from most people’s diets. 

The products are proven to lower cholesterol in just 30 days. That kind of improvement can make a big impact. Dr. Klodas said if all 70 million Americans with cardiovascular conditions made this change to their diet, heart disease would immediately drop from the number one to the number two killer in America.


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