DES MOINES, Iowa — A multi-vehicle crash on East 14th street left behind ‘tornado-like’ destruction and blocked off parts of the road Sunday morning.

East 14th from Milton avenue to Thompson Avenue was left closed for a few hours after two cars crashed early Sunday morning after 4:00 am. Witnesses tell police they appeared to be racing.

Police say that both of the cars lost control, left the road and crashed. The vehicles left a destructive path. They hit parked cars and at least five homes.

One of the people sleeping in a home that was hit shared that experience with WHO 13 News. “I had drywall land on me and a closet door and then I come out and see these people dragging everybody out of the cars and putting them in other cars trying to get them out,” said Jim Smith.

The road is expected to be open soon. The injuries to any drivers or occupants in the vehicles are unknown because everyone involved fled the scene. Homeowners in the area were unharmed. The incident is still under investigation.