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Iowa Speedway is known as a destination for skilled driving so officials there wanted to pass on some of those skills to teens Saturday to keep them safe on the roads.

The circuit was turned in to a training ground for younger drivers as officials spread soapy water on the track to help them learn how to handle slick driving conditions.

It’s a program called Street Survival. It teaches new drivers to handle challenging driving scenarios they won’t find in drivers ed.

The program is not required by state law but instructors say this type of additional exposure is an advantage.

“We’re giving them the chance to be safer drivers and if we can save the life of one person by learning to avoid an accident this makes all of this effort worthwhile,” said chief instructor, Jeff Daly.

The class is offered in the summer and fall for people ages 16 to 25.

“Now I’m more experienced and I know what to do and I’ll be a better driver,” said participant Leah Kunkel.

You can find more information on how to sign up on their website.