Capsized Kayaker Rescued in Raccoon River

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A woman rescued from the Raccoon River in Des Moines on Wednesday put herself in danger before she even launched her kayak, fire officials say.

The woman was found clinging to a log in the river near 63rd Street around 1:00 pm on Thursday.  Authorities say she and her husband were kayaking when she lost control and capsized.  He called 911 and dispatchers were able to use his cell signal to find to get a rescue boat to the area.  Fire officials say the woman wasn’t wearing a life jacket and admitted she wasn’t a strong swimmer.

“The lesson to be learned here today is that as hot as the weather has been and as inviting as the water looks, the water on these are very high and very fast,” said District Fire Chief Ed Haase at the scene of the river rescue, “Put into combination that was she was not wearing a personal flotation device and she’s not a very good swimmer, those two things don’t make for a positive outcome most of the time.”

Haase says today’s rescue should be a warning to everyone going on or near the water this weekend.  If you or your child can’t swim, they should have a personal flotation device on.


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