Capitol riot suspect Doug Jensen released after six months in federal custody


This photo provided by Polk County (Iowa) Jail shows Douglas Jensen. Authorities have arrested Jensen from Des Moines, Iowa, who allegedly took part in the riot at the U.S. Capitol building by supporters of President Donald Trump. Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021, that officers assisted the FBI in arresting Jensen on Friday night at his home. (Polk County (Iowa) Jail via AP)

WASHINGTON, DC — A Des Moines man who took part in the US Capitol riot on January 6th has been released from federal custody for the first time in six months. Doug Jensen was released from custody on Wednesday, one day after a judge agreed to grant pre-trial release.

Jensen has been jailed since shortly after he returned to Iowa the day after he took part in the US Capitol riot. Video and photos of Jensen were widely circulated in the hours and days following the riot. Jensen could clearly be seen at the front of a charge of rioters, disobeying direct orders from a US Capitol police officer to stop.

Jensen has admitted to authorities that he took part in the raid of the US Capitol due to his belief to the ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory. Adherents of the conspiracy believe that elected officials in Washington, DC are the controlling forces behind an international child sex trafficking organization – including Satan-worshipping ‘lizard people.’ Jensen says he wore a ‘Q’ shirt so that the fictional figure at the center of the conspiracy would get credit for the storming of the Capitol. Jensen’s attorneys say that he now realizes the conspiracy theory was entirely false and he no longer believes in ‘Q’.

Jensen has been released to the custody of family in Iowa, according to the DC Department of Corrections. Among the stipulations of his pre-trial release are:

  • Home detention except for work/school/religious services/other court approved appointments
  • Wear a GPS monitoring device
  • Can’t leave Iowa
  • No access to the internet allowed or internet-connected devices, including no use of a cell phone
  • All family members must password protect their cell phones
  • No contact with anyone else involved in US Capitol riot
  • Must actively look for a job
  • No guns, explosives or any other weapon
  • Can’t drink alcohol and must agree to random drug testing
  • Seek psychiatric treatment

Jensen is also required to attend all court appearances via videoconference.

The FBI is still asking for help identifying dozens more people who were recorded taking part in the US Capitol riot. You can search through the photos here and anonymously report any leads.

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