CANNABIS OIL: Parents Await Governor’s Decision

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A bill to legalize cannabis oil is heading to the Governor's desk for his approval and the parents of children who could benefit from it are anxiously awaiting his decision.

The fight was long and far from easy but Sally Gaer says the payoff makes up for all of that.

“You know I think they thought I would roll over and go home and we were like no there has to be a way.”

Gaer's 24-year-old daughter, Margaret, suffers from severe epileptic seizures weekly. Today, she feels there's hope.

“When you`re out of medical options and you know there is something that can help your child, it’s really nice to be affirmed.”

She says they've tried every medicine to stop her seizures except for cannabis oil which is currently illegal in Iowa. Thursday morning, the legislature took steps to change that.

“One thing I want to make very, very clear, this bill does not legalize medical marijuana in the state Iowa,” says Representative Jarad Kline.

Kline says the bill does not allow for growing marijuana and or selling and distributing cannabis oil in Iowa, meaning parents like Gaer will have to travel out of state to buy it.

Governor Terry Branstad says, “Unlike Colorado who has recreational marijuana unlike states that have medical marijuana this is strictly limited.”

The bill only allows for neurologists from Iowa to prescribe up to 32 ounces of the medicine to those who are suffering from the seizures. The Governor says he is still undecided about the bill and wants to look things over.

“You know people are really desperate and they want to do whatever they think could help so we want to make sure what we’re doing is going to be helpful.”

The Governor has 30 days to approve or veto the bill.


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