WINTERSET, Iowa — A Madison County campground is once again a popular place to get away, more than two months after a deadly EF-4 tornado destroyed numerous trees in the park.

Pammel State Park’s campground filled up for Memorial Day weekend, with campers relishing both the solitude of nature and the social element of being with loved ones.

“My wife and I, our daughter, and other folks are having a great time,” said camper Dave Anderson. “It’s great to get away after all we’ve been through the past couple of years. It’s been fantastic.”

It took some time for the park to return to camping condition. Many standing trees still show scars from the severe weather, but volunteers cleaned up tons of tree debris left behind by the tornado in the days following the storm.

One of those volunteers, Madison County resident Kurt Greenwood, also decided to camp at Pammel State Park. He said it’s a relief to see the park become a place of joy again.

“It feels good to see everybody here,” Greenwood said. “It was in pretty bad shape around. With all of the clean up that everybody made, it’s great to see people enjoy it.”

Reservations for Pammel State Park’s campground must be made at least two days in advance. You can make a reservation here.