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Parents Campaign for Full Time In-Person Classes at Southeast Polk


ALTOONA, Iowa — On Wednesday we reported on one parent, Amber Funk, who dropped her kids off at school, even when it was not their day to be there. She was making a point when it comes to the Southeast Polk Schools’ hybrid learning, she needed her kids in school full-time in person.

That prompted an outreach from another Southeast Polk parent Danielle Evans.

“We definitely 100% feel for Amber, and her frustrations,” said Evans. “But we need to go about it in a very respectful way towards our staff members in our district and those people making those decisions.”

This week Evans launched a Facebook Group “SEP Parents for Full-Time in Person School.”

“Two days ago and we now have roughly 500 and I believe we’re up to 580 members now,” said Evans. “I have huge growing discussions every day parents with their frustrations and anger with the district

She plans on holding a in-person kind of a round-table discussion on October 4th.

A statement from the Southeast Polk School holds out hope to return to in-person learning full time:

“Our return to learn plan is under constant review with the goal of returning to in-person learning as soon as possible. We all recognize the significant challenges that this presents for everyone involved. There continues to be no easy answer to solve all of the issues in the middle of this pandemic but we all agree on the importance of a safe, educational environment for our students.”

“When you start to mess with my child’s education I take it very personally,” said Evans. “I want my kids to succeed, I know we’re in a pandemic, I know that there’s a virus, I know that’s deadly, I get that, but we’re trying to understand why our district won’t listen to us won’t hear our voices. We want the choice to choose you’re giving the choice to go virtually 100% but you’re not giving us a choice to go full-time.”


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