Campaign Asking Voters to Bring Civility Back to Election Cycle

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- With just seven days until Election Day, many Iowans can’t wait until the political bashing is over; not just involving the political candidates but between voters too.

“The whole mob mentality in the way that people are ganging up together [on social media], it’s just not being very civil,” says Patty VanCleave, a Warren County voter.

Civility is at the root of a local campaign organized by four community organizations.

“People see that the civility and ethical leadership have to be the core and the foundation of what we want to aspire to be ourselves and certainly what we would want to see in the leaders of our country and state,” says Scott Raecker, Director of The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center.

The "Show More Respect" campaign launched a couple of years ago by the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Interfaith Alliance of Iowa and Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. It's aiming to give Iowans a much-needed reminder of the obvious: think before speaking and research before starting an argument.

“We all see examples of it not being demonstrated and it’s very easy to point fingers at what they need to do better,” Raecker says. “I think we could all do a bit of a self-check of how we can demonstrate the respect we want to see.”

Raecker also suggests voters be tolerant of others viewpoints and to remember the “Golden Rule,” especially after Election Day is over.

“It’s not like on Nov. 9 we are back to civility,” he says. “These are opportunities for us to have conversations of what we don`t want to see in each other and how we resolve our differences to move ourselves forward.”

For more information about the "Show More Respect" campaign, click here.


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