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CHARITON, Iowa  —  Business owner Nick Cattell runs Country Cabins Motel southeast of Chariton.

This year he was adding some new cabins to his lodging, and decided to do one in the theme of military service.

Not only is it just nice decor, but Cattell offers a free night’s stay in the cabin to people who have served their country in the military.

“We’ve been talking about doing a military veterans cabin for years. We always give a 10% discount any of our military friends,” said Cattell. “We started these three new cabins this year, so we decided to make one of them the military cabin.”

On Tuesday, two veterans stopped to stay in Country Cabins. Al Risbeck from Colorado grew up in Chariton and served with Steve Scott, who grew up in California and now lives in Chariton. The two served in California in the military band during the Vietnam War. They spent some time catching up in the military cabin where Scott was staying.

“Steve is a friend and a former Marine, that makes him family. And although I was a Navy Corpsman, serving with the Marines, they treat you like a brother, it’s wonderful,” said Risbeck.

“Al and I played music together, I didn’t know he was back in town until this morning. He saw us walking and we’re here,” said Scott. “He went over there where the real action was, I was back in California at camp Pendalton playing a snare drum, so my war record isn’t too exciting, really.”

Cattell did not serve in the military, but appreciates the service of those who did.

“I appreciate everything the military’s done for us, and had it not been for the military and their sacrifices we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing,” said Cattell.