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Monday morning the Des Moines City Council was briefed about what’s left of the old Younkers building.

Officials say they are transitioning from investigation to a recovery operation.

The building is now being turned over to the Madison, Wisconsin based Alexander Company.

The city will be responsible for clearing surrounding streets and walk ways of ruble and debris.

“There`s a lot that needs to happen and it all needs to happen by all the different entities working on it,” says Assistant City Manager Matt Anderson.

Anderson says the first priority is windows.

“We have a lot of window repair being done at the EMC building and the Hub Tower. That window repair is essential so we don`t have falling glass falling on the people working below,” says Anderson.

Over the next 10 days windows will be repaired or boarded up to make the area more secure.

That also includes installing more permanent fencing, the Alexander Company will provide private security and police will start to be phased out.

The company will also work on a plan for the future of the structure.

“Alexander Company will be coming up with a demolition plan to work with our community development department on to issue the demolition permit to figure out what`s the safest way to remove some of those standing walls,” says Anderson.

Both the Alexander Company and the city are bringing in structural engineers to assess the damaged areas.

For the city that means the skywalk system, finding out what areas are safe and which ones need repairs.

“We know we need to shore up those Younkers ends of the skywalk so that`s what our engineer will be doing,” says Anderson.

The city has a series of meetings planned with property owners and the Alexander Company Tuesday.

The Alexander Company is also starting their own investigation Tuesday at the site and plans to bring in a crane to get better access to the building.