BUFFETT FANS: Tailgating Before The Concert

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Instead of paradise it was cheeseburgers in Des Moines on Tuesday night. As early as 8 a.m. Tuesday morning Jimmy Buffett fans were camped in front of Wells Fargo Arena for the concert.

“A Parrot Head is somebody who just loves Jimmy Buffett.” said a Buffett fan.

If you are one, you already get it, if you're not, well, you probably never will.

“It`s just kind of a blow off life and sail around the Caribbean a little bit (starting in Des Moines) Yeah, does the Des Moines River connect to the Caribbean?"

There isn't a tropical coast within six tanks of gas, but no one cares.  Parrot heads can turn Wells Fargo into Key Largo.

“(Is it okay to see him inside?) It`s not as fun, but you know, it`s Jimmy.”

Jimmy's all about fun...fun and philosophy?

“If we can get to a place in our minds as a society where we can release that tension that we live with in every day society then that`s what we need in America.”

Profound words from a man wearing a margarita on his head. But that's what you get, here, passion and play.

“(This is kind of an older crowd) It is. But that doesn`t mean we don`t get crazy.”

A performer who's on a perpetual vacation shouldn't set rules for his fans, and Buffett never has.

“The show is really not that unique, it`s really about the tailgating and the camaraderie.”

“It`s a...it`s lifestyle.”

Jimmy Buffett is just the opening act for a summer of live music in downtown Des Moines. A portion of the "Nitefall on the River" lineup was released Tuesday. Among those on the schedule this year include 80’s cover band Hairball on May 26th, Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff on June 12th, and singer and pianist Bruce Hornsby on June 20th.

All shows will be at the Simon Estes Amphitheater. Tickets go on sale Friday.


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