Brunnier Art Museum Reopens After 2 year Makeover

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AMES, Iowa- The Brunnier Art Museum has been closed for two years undergoing renovation. Now the museum is ready to show off it’s makeover Thursday Sept. 19th at 7 pm.

The university invested almost 2 million dollars, raised mainly from some 300 donors.

“Additional square feet allows us to do more, creates a more welcoming entrance a new HVAC system something that cares and preserves the objects,” said Lynnette Pohlman, Director of the Museum, and Chief Curator.

For years the Brunnier was hidden inside the Scheman Center. This is a place were dozens of conferences and events take place through the years. Often people in the building would not be aware of this extensive museum collection under the same roof.

“I think it’s part of being inside a building, as opposed to a stand-alone museum structure itself, and people have to find us,” said Pohlman. “We’re really hoping that the glass front will welcome people in.”

The new glass front along with some special new art pieces will be revealed at the gala on Thursday. One important piece of the remodel is a climate-controlled space for storing University Collections as a part of the Museum.

“We have over 30,000 objects in the entire collection,” said Adrienne Gennett,  Assistant Curator “The bulk of that the permanent collection is here about over 20,000 objects this includes all types of materials from pottery to ceramics to glass, metals to furniture, paintings to works on paper everything you can imagine in this permanent collection.”

The event will take place Thursday Sept. 19th at 7 pm inside the Scheman building, it is free and open to the public.


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