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It appears the brazen burglars that targeted one Des Moines neighborhood have struck again. And you won’t believe what they took this time.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a couple of burglaries in the city’s Forestdale neighborhood. In one case the burglars stole about $60-thousand worth of jewelry and electronics, then loaded the loot into their victim’s mini-van and stole that too.

In another case, police believe the same burglars hit again, stealing thousands of dollars in electronics, and even taking the family’s Thanksgiving turkey.

Now, police believe the same burglars hit a house while the resident was out of town, then hit another house just down the street.

“The first thing I said is my refrigerator is gone, and my range is gone and obviously the TV,” says burglary victim Chris Missel. “They’re super heavy and stainless steel and the refrigerator, to get it through the door, they had to take the doors off.”

Police say these burglars are pros. “Whoever’s involved in this clearly knows what they’re doing,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax with the Des Moines Police department. “Again, it’s a matter of they’re identifying houses somehow, one way or another, when no one’s home, and are able to spend an unusual amount of time inside the house.”

Police say the burglars are also stealing credit cards, but only using them at spots where they know there are no security cameras, like gas pumps and car washes.

If you plan on going somewhere for the holidays, police say ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house, shovel your walk and collect your mail to make it look like someone is home.