DES MOINES, IOWA — The murder trial of Bravon Tukes is now in the hands of a jury after closing arguments were delivered on Thursday in a Polk County courtroom. Tukes is charged with two counts of First Degree Murder and individual counts of Willful Injury and Criminal Gang Participation.

Tukes is accused of conspiring with Preston Walls before Walls shot-and-killed Rashad Carr and Gionni Dameron at the Starts Right Here education center in Des Moines on January 23rd. School founder Will Keeps was injured in the shooting. Tukes met Walls after the shooting and gave him a ride in his car from the scene. Tukes was arrested minutes after the shooting as Walls ran from his car.

Walls was facing the same charges as Tukes but was only found guilty of lesser charges of Second Degree Murder and Voluntary Manslaughter.

Roger Riley has more on the attorneys final arguments on Thursday before the case was handed to the jury.