On Monday afternoons, Sarge’s Westside Boxing Club is normally is filled with the sound of footwork and gloves popping. Instead, the ring was filled with frozen turkeys collected for the community.

“We have an established boxing club,” Veasley said. “We’re helping out individuals and families because we know Christmas might be rough so we want to give back and we have some turkeys we’re handing out.”

The turkeys were a big help to people living along Forest Avenue in the Drake neighborhood.

Members of the boxing club went door to door handing out the turkeys to anyone in need.

The young boxers typically spend hours training in the gym, but Veasley said today’s lesson was more important than anything physical they could learn.

“You can always give a helping hand to others and that’s what we’re teaching because its not just about boxing. It’s about life skills and how you’re going to grow up and be a productive citizen,” Veasley said.

The club runs an after school program for students year round. Those who participate are required to turn in progress reports from school to show they are staying on track in the classroom in order to participate.