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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  While Governor Kim Reynolds was celebrating the announcement that Apple was building in Iowa one of her potential opponents next fall was questioning the cost of their arrival.

“While I’m pleased to see good-paying jobs come to Iowa, handing out a $213 million combined tax coupon to the world’s most profitable company to create 50 unspecified jobs raises some concerns that this administration is stuck in its ways of handing out excessive corporate tax credits to the detriment of other essential Iowa services and a sound budget,” Boulton said in a statement released Thursday, “We are talking about a company worth $750 billion, a company that doesn’t need to siphon away $20 million in future state funds at a time when this administration is using millions of emergency funds to plug holes in our current budget.”

“While partnerships between companies and communities are essential to economic development, the partnership must benefit both parties equally, and I am disappointed not to have seen any guarantee from the administration or Apple that Iowa’s skilled workforce will be used to construct this facility”, Boulton’s statement continues, “If this administration wants to tout construction jobs as the primary bonus of a $20 million special deal from the state, it should be able to assure our building and construction trades workers in this state that they can count on being the ones who will benefit.”

Apple recently reported it had $256 billion cash-on-hand.  That’s enough money to fund Iowa’s government at its current level for the next 11 years.