‘Boulder Climbing’ Available at Climb Iowa’s Second Location

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Climb Iowa is opening its second location this weekend in the East Village.

Just under 3,000 square feet of boulder climbing is available for people to free climb beginning Saturday.

Climb Iowa Co-Owner Aaron Stevens said boulder climbing uses no ropes.

“Bouldering is something you typically do under 14 or 15 feet, utilizing big mats to serve as your fall protection,” Stevens said.

People have the ability to either climb down the wall or fall on an 18-inch foam mat underneath the surface.

Stevens said boulder climbing allows for large groups to participate at the same time.

“Bouldering is a different type of climbing than rope climbing in the sense that it is much more community oriented where a group of 10 or 12 people might do a bouldering session as a group. In rope climbing you’re primarily working in pairs. One person manages the rope while one person climbs,” Stevens said.

Climb Iowa Assistant Manager Jordan Dirksen said the routes at its East Village location will change every three weeks.

“So usually the general idea behind a route is we have some sort of movement or some sort of goal we are trying to get the climber to achieve or do,” Dirksen said.

People are told to look for different color patterns and follow it up the wall.

Dirksen said climbing shoes help shifting someone’s weight to get a better climb.

“The whole point behind a climbing shoe is just going to try and put as much of your weight onto the toe as possible,” Dirksen said.

He said people climbing use every muscle in the body and in an ideal situation shift body weight. “When possible, I would say 80 percent legs, 20 percent arms.”

Climb Iowa East opens to the public Saturday at 10:00 a.m. It is located at 150 East 4th Street, Des Moines.

It costs $18 to climb for the day. People have the option of renting climbing shoes for $5.


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