BOTTLE BILL: Backers Get Creative

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Backers of a bottle bill expansion left a little gift in the mailbox of each Iowa lawmaker Monday.

Supporters put plastic water bottles in the mailboxes of all 150 lawmakers and legislative staff, each one included a note that said redeem for a cupcake on the first floor rotunda.

Those who returned the bottles talked with expansion supporters about the proposal.

If approved, the new bill would expand the 5-cent container redemption law to include non-carbonated beverages like water bottles and sports drinks.

Backers hope their creative approach got lawmakers to listen.

Redemption center owner Troy Willard said, “We have a great curbside drop-off, single stream recycling systems in the state that only capture 26 percent of those bottles. We want to capture 86 percent of them. We want to get the extra 500 million containers every year that are going to our landfills, and get them back in the system where they can be reused.”


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