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HUMBOLDT, Iowa- Born Free RV in Humboldt announced on May 15, that it would be closed for the week. Six weeks later, it still has not reopened, and the phone has been disconnected.

The Born Free RV line was created by Dodgen Industries back in the late 60’s. The company was founded in the 40’s to make farm equipment. Since the 70’s RV’s are all they have made at this Humboldt plant. Over two years ago the company was sold to an investor group.

“We’ve been shut down now for six weeks and we are waiting on the company ownership to either provide more money or not, at this point,” said Branden Dodgen, who is the Born Free Product Manager. His grandfather founded Dodgen Industries. Brandon stayed on with the new owners to work at the company.

The firm had 2 or 3 months worth of orders on the books when the plant closed, according to Dodgen. There were around 35 employees working there at the time.

“We’re all hoping to come back for a customers, for employees, and community because they have the business open again,” said Dodgen.

The firm had listed a Born Free owners homecoming event for August. Dodgen said he had no idea if that event would still happen.