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BOONE, Iowa — After 14 years in business, the Boone YMCA has decided to close its doors.

YMCA Greater Des Moines Vice President of Marketing and Communications Ruth Comer said the building is in need of major repair that both the association and the community don’t have funds for.

“It’s an older building in need of a lot of costly repairs that really need to be done right away. And because the Boone Y has never made money, we don’t have any kind of reserve or anything to tackle those building projects,” Comer said.

Boone Y members will have about a month left at that location, as they are closing at the end of the day on Sept. 27, and then they’ll have to find another fitness center.

“We’ve had people that have been members that whole time and we know they’re going to really miss the Y. Not just for the services the Y provides, but also for the community that’s been built there and the camaraderie and support system that they have,” Comer said.

That community component is very important in the fitness world and people are starting to look for that at different places whether its a traditional gym like the YMCA or even a crossfit gym like DSM Performance.

“I think everybody probably has a style of fitness that suits them. Like we were talking about with trials, you just gotta try things. Eventually you’ll find the one that works for you and hey I hope it’s crossfit, I hope its DSM Performance and if it is we’d love to have you. If it’s something else, then you should go chase that because life’s a lot better when it’s lived with fitness,” DSM Performance Director of Operations Tyler Lloyd said.

Lloyd said the fitness world has really changed over the last few years.

“There’s more information available to you than ever before. Youtube and other internet sources make it really easy to acquire info, good and bad, for what it’s worth. It’s kind of your job to decipher it, but people can get solid information and if they are motivated enough they can go find a program and follow it on their own,” Lloyd said.

He said there is a different kind of community aspect that draws people to crossfit.

“I believe that this style of fitness has certain rewards to it that a lot of people really like. People like the way they feel when they get done with workouts. They like what their fitness allows them to do, whether it’s playing with their kids easily or we just talked to a member that likes to go on adventures. She just hiked the grand canyon,” Lloyd said.

For more information about DSM PErformance you can go to their website.