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BOONE, Iowa — The Boone County Attorney’s Office is releasing information about an investigation into several online storage accounts found to contain images of nude, underage females. Officials say one person has been arrested in connection with the case and more charges could be filed.

The investigation began in late August, when the Boone Police Department started looking into a case involving a high school male who was allegedly trying to extort a high school female into providing sexual photographs and performing sexual acts.

During the investigation, officers discovered several current and past high school students had access and were in control of online-based storage accounts that contained photographs and videos of nude underage females. According to police, the collection was gathered over several years by area high school students.

Officials say more than 100 unique users had access to the accounts containing the photos.

Search warrants in the case have been served and the accounts, along with some e-mail accounts, have been taken over and secured by officials.

Some of the female victims in the photographs have been identified but officials are still working to identify others. They are also in the process of notifying some victims.

Police have not released the name of the male high school student who has been arrested, only that he is facing an extortion charge.

The Boone County Attorney’s Office, the Boone Police Department, and the DCI’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force are all collaborating on the case.