Bondurant Family Remembers Their 3-Month-Old Sleeping Through Last Year’s Tornado

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BONDURANT, Iowa — People in Bondurant had little to no warning before the tornado tore through the town, including the Manning family, who had a 3-month-old asleep near a window. To their surprise, she slept the entire time.

“Literally she slept through the whole thing, and she is one of my light sleepers, so for her to sleep through that … the ruckus … the pressure … was just beyond us,” the child’s mother Holly Manning said.

Now a year later, Manning said her daughter Breanna will never remember that day, but it’s a day her husband, Shane, will never forget.

Shane Manning was home when the tornado hit.

“He had actually just ran downstairs for something, came up and heard it. And going down the hallway, a door hit him in the leg. If it had been any sooner, it probably would have hit him in the head,” Holly said.

Manning was running an errand in Ankeny when she saw the tornado. She even got a picture of it.

“I had literally with my 8-year-old, seven at the time, had said have you ever seen a tornado, and she said ‘no,’ and we looked over, directly east and there was the tornado. Less than 20 minutes later I got a phone call that our house had been hit,” Manning said.

“Even coming down the street, I could see my neighbor’s house with no roof, and all I could think was oh my gosh that’s that house, how does my house look?” Manning said. “You could see the exterior. It didn’t look that bad, until you came in and then it was like holy cow there is more damage than we really brought out to be.”

And the Manning house wasn’t alone. Almost every house on the street was damaged, but Manning said now it looks like nothing happened.

“To see it now a year later, you would never guess a tornado came through a year ago,” Manning said.

To celebrate that progress, there is a community event on July 19 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the City Park. There will be food, live music and games to honor first responders and the community.


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