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DES MOINES, Iowa — Opponents of the Bakken pipeline say the fight is far from over and are now fighting for Iowa’s waterways.

“What happens when this breaks, it`s not a matter of if, it`s a matter of when and where under our river crossings where there`s a deep angle to that crossing,” said Ed Fallon, State Director of Bold Iowa. “It`s a really good possibility for where it might break.”

Bold Iowa claims two farmers obtained a sample of the crude oil from Dakota Access’ operations in North Dakota and had it tested at Iowa State University’s chemical instrumentation facility.

They say if the pipeline ever leaked, it could contaminate water. The group lighted a sample of a cup of half oil and half water on fire to show the dangers they say would happen if oil leaked into Iowa’s waterways.

“I was surprised at the number of compounds, I was surprised at the number of very complex polyaromatic hydrocarbons that were present,” said Steve Veysey. “I`m not a petroleum chemist so maybe they wouldn`t have been surprised, but I was surprised.”

Veysey admitted he can’t compare the sample to anything else since he’s never tested crude oil before, but says the sample did contain compounds known to be cancer-causing and if leaked into the water, it would only partially dissolve.

That’s the concern members of the Meskwaski tribe.

“I see all that grows here is because of our water, our trees, our corn, our children, our minds, all that water touches, it grows, this pipeline will destroy that,” said Donnielle Wanatee of Meskwaski Nation.

Bold Iowa says it has plans for a non-violent civil disobedience protest Wednesday in Boone County.

On Tuesday, Dakota Access filed a restraining order against Bold Iowa and Fallon after plans of the protest were announced.