Blood Spatter Expert Testifies in Supino Murder Trial

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WATERLOO, Iowa -- An expert in blood splatter analysis took the stand in the Copper Dollar Ranch murder trial Friday, shining more light on what happened the night the two victims were killed more than 30 years ago.

Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory were found brutally murdered at the ranch near Newton in 1983. Fisher's estranged wife, Terri Supino, is now charged with the crime.

A blood splatter expert from upstate New York testified that he had reviewed the crime scene photos and determined, based on blood pooling, that Fisher had moved at least once after he was attacked, but before he died.  The expert also testified that because of blood drops on Fisher's pants, he could tell that at some point after the attack Fisher was in a seated position.

The expert said, based on blood splatter, it is impossible to say how tall the attacker was or whether the attacker was left handed or right handed.

The prosecution argues that based on the injuries, the assailant used their left hand and was not very tall.

Supino is just over 5 feet tall and, according to one jailer, is ambidextrous, meaning she can use her left or right hands.

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