DES MOINES, Iowa – LifeServe Blood Center is doing what it can to help the situation in Texas by sending blood products.

LifeServe is part of the Blood Emergency Readiness Corps, also known as BERC. It was created for situations like this one, where blood centers across the nation are on standby to give blood products wherever they’re needed.

Donors are needed in order to make this happen.

“All day yesterday and today just everything felt so helpless,” donor Laura Frye said, “and so this is one thing I can do here to try to help those kids and those people in Texas.” 

Danielle West, director of marketing and public relations at LifeServe Blood Center, said the community blood supply is lower than they’d like right now. They’ve already sent units to Texas, and have some set aside in case more is needed.

As we head into the summer months when local demand for blood goes up, LifeServe is calling on everyone to roll up their sleeves if they can.

“We’re really telling donors, whatever blood type you are, we absolutely need you right now for our community blood supply,” West said. “And if Texas needs it, we have it on the shelf to send to them too.”

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