What I Learned on Saturday

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It’s been a loooooooong day. Here’s what I’ve learned:

– Dowling and Valley don’t like each other, especially in soccer
– The Tavern, in West Des Moines, has unbelievable grinders.
– My wife can’t stand it when I burp
– Zach Borg likes to button the top button on his polo shirt
– Scott Casber doesn’t like high-fives, he likes to hand-pound.
– It’s much easier to text on a phone with a keyboard, not a touchscreen
– When Home Depot says it will only take 2-3 days to set up your grill, they really mean 2-3 weeks
– The Cubs aren’t worth watching
– The Barnstormers are a bad arena football team
– Jay Don Blake has a weak moustache
– Gumballs are addicting
– Newscasters don’t like being delayed
– The mascot who wears the Billy Barnstormer outfit would like new head…the original is too hot

I’d say, that’s a pretty productive day. Happy Sunday.


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