What a Monday!, Veterans Day and Carlisle Fire

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Good Monday morning.

I hope any of you who know a Vet take the time to thank them for their service today. If you have the day off, maybe go on down to one of the memorial services that start at ten around the state capitol.
To the News:
JJ Dinner and Planting Questions
The Jefferson Jackson dinner took over downtown Des Moines over the weekend and by the way…took a REALLY long time. It didn’t end until after 11:30. Our Political reporter D Price has a lot of good insight on iowavotes2008.com take a look at all of the info. We’re in the hope stretch for the Caucuses now and the pundits think Sen Barak Obama helped his chances of winning Iowa with this speech. No one bombed, but Obama apparently stood out. That’s saying something if you ask me because he went last. If people’s brains weren’t numb by the time he took the stage I’d be really surprised. If they thought his speech was the best, I’m impressed.

The other piece of news that came out was about Sen Hillary Clinton’s campaign planting questions at an event. I doubt she’s the only one doing it…and by the way semantics don’t work for me here. If a Presidential candidate’s campaign “screens” the questions first…that’s the same thing in my mind as “planting” the question. It’s just not the same as the candidate picking someone at random to ask a question.

Smoke Signals
Some of you on the South side of the metro might have seen the smoke rising from a fire at a Mid-American Sub Station this morning. It’s actually left over from a fire last night that’s still burning. Oil inside the sub-station caught fire and the fire department decided to let it burn itself out because no one was at any risk and no one lost power. Anyway, that’s what that long plume of smoke was if you were wondering.
Meet the Press
It was a busy weekend here at Channel 13. Tim Russert and the Crew of Meet the Press were in town to do their show live. I watched the interview with Sen Obama and thought he did well. “Earnest” was the word some of my friends and family used to describe his effort. I also heard the criticism though that he seemed less personable than some people expected. He answered the questions well, but it seemed clinical…not personal. Anyway I’m sure Dave has some thoughts on how the weekend went and his are much more interesting than anything I’d say. He was actually in the building.
Take the Tags off Dummy!
That’s what my wife and at least one of our viewers was yelling at the TV this morning.
It’s not that I’m dumb, I got a new sport coat this weekend and wanted to see how it looked on air before I took the tags off. I wasn’t sure if the pattern was going to make the camera go crazy.
Don’t tell me you haven’t done this before…I have friends who are notorious for buying something…wearing it…then returning it.
In any case, apparently the jacket was fine. I’m keeping it I think.
Veterans Day
I agree with Pat, we should say thank you to all of the veterans we know. It’s hard to imagine what they experienced and we should all be grateful for the sacrifices they made while they served in war times. On a related note, Marine Moms of Iowa has been putting together care packages but didn’t have enough money to send the packages. We covered the story last week and after it aired donations starting coming in. In fact, the group got more money than it needed. The extra cash will be split among families of the 224th Marine Reserve Unit.
My MIZZOU Tigers are #5 in the nation. I’m pulling for Iowa State to beat KU this weekend. That would make my week. M-I-Z…….
Thanks everyone for all the Gen-X Moms story ideas. We will start up the series again this Thursday morning. The blog will be updated as well. I’ll start contributing to it on a weekly basis and some of the other mothers in the newsroom may contribute.

Have a great week.


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