West Des Moines Warning, Another Recall, and The Beat Goes On

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Good Morning!

The phone rang at 11:45 last night which is never good news. Think of the phone ringing at about two in the morning on your clock. Sally’s response whenever it happens is, “That’s not good”
It was our producer Heather telling me that Liz and I needed to be in early to help write the show. It’s a hard part of this schedule waking up in the middle of the night and then going back to sleep. I have a hard time falling back asleep because my brain gets going and won’t stop. It only happens every once in a while but it happens. I share that only because many of you have asked over the months that we’ve done this blog what the schedule is like. No pictures of me getting up to answer the phone
To the news:
The girls were all taking this morning about the warning from West Des Moines Police. They’ve had three assaults in the past few weeks and all three attacks have come at apartment complexes. The women have all been in their 20’s.
I’ve often used the refrain here, I don’t know what it’s like… In this case I don’t know what it’s like to have to be so alert when I go to my car. Generally speaking no one is going to attack me in the middle of the night, but I do spend a lot of that time driving to work or even in the few seconds from the parking lot to the front door worrying about the women I work with.
It got so bad at one place I worked that we actually had a security guard walking women to the car. This is not to scare anyone…but it sure is a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings when you’re alone at night.
I’m sure you parents are sick of these recalls. I think I’d be looking at just about anything made in China right now and asking…does my kid really need to play with that? This time it’s barbie play sets and a train.

Moving Target
Can we stop with the moving of the primaries and caucuses ? The Governor of Michigan basically begged the Presidential candidates to come to her state and campaign for an earlier than normal caucus. Good Luck!
Let me see…I’m a Presidential candidates who’s already poured millions of dollars into setting up campaigns in New Hampshire and Iowa. That includes the extensive work of getting each individual supporter to the polls. It’s process that totally escapes people if they’ve never seen it before. The media is almost entirely focused on these early states and this is THE WAY IT”S ALWAYS BEEN!…But now that Jennifer Grandholm has come out and asked me to campaign in the Great Lake State…I’m going to drop everything and get on over there…
Isn’t it a little late in the game for this one?

While we’re on the topic of politics I saw a great article from George Will in Newsweek. Will, for those of you who don’t know is one of the more conservative commentators in Washington. He’s also an excellent writer. I mention his conservative tilt because the article I’m referring to is one about the blunders that the people calling themselves conservatives have created in the last couple of weeks. One sentence stood out. Will was taking about one political candidate in particular but I think it’s appropriate for a lot of the politicians trying to court so called “values voters”:
there is something synthetic and excessively calculating about every move in his increasingly embarrassing courtship of those who are called “values voters.” If they can be courted that way, their values need a tuneup.
The Beat Goes On
SO this could go either way but Apple’s supposed to make a big announcement today. Speculation is, it’s either the fact that iTunes will sell Beatles songs now or that a new kind of iPod is coming out. I’d rather see the Beatles songs on iTunes. We were trying to come up with a Beatles song to transition to weather and of course Liz and I totally blanked…the best I could do was A Hard Day’s Night cause it’s so stinkin’ hot out there. Of course with a second to think about it…Here comes the Sun would have been better. Anyone else have a suggestion?
Have a Good Day…


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