We’re Iowa. Deal with it America.

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  • What an amazing day of sports in our state. UNI takes down the #1 team in America, Kansas. The Hawkeye women knock off the winningest coach in Iowa history, Vivian Stringer, and Rutgers. Iowa wins its 23rd national wrestling title, with three individual champions, Iowa State finishes third and crowns two champs. One for the books.
  • Nothing tops the biggest day in the history of UNI sports. I expected Northern Iowa to hang with the tourney’s top seed, but not to win. I felt bad UNI got such a bad draw because the Panthers earned better than a 9 seed, and I thought they could beat a number of high seeds, just not KU. Wrong. UNI earned that W. The Cats led throughout and were not intimidated in the least.
  • Talk about playing to win… Ali Farokhmanesh showed Volkswagen sized stones with that pull-up three, leading by one, and 30 seconds to go on the shot clock, 37 in the game! Swish. That’s the moment of the tourney. Farokhmanesh is now a Panther legend. First the three to beat UNLV, now this.
  • Ali wanted to play at Iowa, but Iowa showed no interest. Bad move.
  • Steve Alford had a great season. He’s a finalist for national coach of the year. But enough with the shots at Iowa. After 11 seed Washington blew out Alford’s 3rd-seeded New Mexico team, I half expected Alford to blame it on all the resources he didn’t have at the U of I.
  • If Hawkeye fans are now interested in Ben Jacobson, they won’t be alone. Jacobson’s stock just shot through the roof. He’ll have more than one offer.
  • Iowa’s dominance at the NCAA wrestling championships was inevitable from the moment the Hawks scowled during last year’s trophy presentation. From no individual champions to three. Iowa State did well too, with two.
  • Allow me a moment of pride. Shawn Terrell and Chris Hassel (and photojournalists James Searles and Brandon Bingham) did a great job of reporting all week. I know how much work it is on the road, and they did it up right. I hope they found time for some fun too.
  • Final thought: my bracket will now end up embarrassingly bad, but UNI’s thrilling win was worth it. Thank you, Panthers. You made us proud.


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