Waste, Wasted and Waiting

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Good Morning
We got resolution to “Fever-Gate” Tuesday morning when my Dr’s office clarified the recommendations for treating a fever in a kid. In his words, “I’ve seen a kid running around this office with a 102 fever who looks fine and I’ve seen kids with 99.5 temps that look terrible.” Those of you who. “treat the kid not the fever” are apparently doing the right thing. I got busted for not doing that yesterday. JT was punky all day long…really mild fever that got a little worse right before we went to the Dr. Turns out, he had a MASSIVE ear infection. It’s never good when the Doc looks in his ear and starts laughing…

I feel badly. But he perked right up when he got some drugs. He also looked a little bombed…kids are funny.

So the day the Senate is supposed to pass this continuing resolution authorizing spending minus $60 billion, The Government accountability office comes out and says we’ve got too many government departments doing the same thing. This seems like a no brainier to me. I’m sure it isn’t. On the surface 50 different programs to train teachers seems like excess. What kind of teachers, what kind of training? I think they can cut those down and combine but don’t be too quick to judge what appears to be waste.
I continue to be surprised at the lines coming out of Labor leaders as we talk at all levels of government about cutting spending. Des Moines Schools are looking to privatize bus drivers and custodians and we’re supposed to check with them before we do it? What do we think the Union is going to say?

-Wisconsin is getting ridiculous and no one is winning in that state.
-Yesterday a bill introduced in the Iowa House was criticized by labor. It basically said that when collective bargaining for salaries happens, State workers salaries should be compared to similar Private sector salaries. I would think Unions would be ecstatic about this.
A group funded largely by Labor released a study saying private sector workers make more money than State workers do, even when you add in benefits…so this should work in their favor right? No, the Unions don’t like the bill. I wonder why?

That what I think when I see Charlie Sheen. A pile of wasted talent.

I’m still waiting for one of the Republicans dancing around the idea of a run for President to stand out. There’s an interesting story in The Register this morning that makes this case: No one is close to being able to beat President Obama.
The point the article makes is, any candidate has to move so far to the Right to win the nomination, they can’t win the General where more moderate voters make the difference. It will be interesting to see how Republican candidates deal with this in the next 12 months.
-To that point there’s an article that disappointed me when I saw it.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made the comment that President Obama’s Kenyan roots influenced his development as a young man. There’s only one problem, The President didn’t visit Kenya until he was in his 20’s. He surely didn’t grow up there, and BTW, this whole birther conspiracy is right up there with the idea that NASA used a Hollywood set to fake a landing on the MOON!
Huckabee’s not dumb, he knows The President was born in Hawaii, and I bet privately he even says that to people. What he won’t do is have the courage to make the birthers mad by laying the conspiracy to rest. This is simply absurd and if we can expect more of it out of the 2012 Republican field, the point of the article above is even stronger.
You can start sending me your emails about how the President grew up in Kenya now…
I hope you enjoy your day…whomever you’re emailing.



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