Uncontrolled, Maggots, and Judging

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Good Morning…
The best laid plans and all. I intended to blog yesterday, I think I even picked some stories. Turns out I left without doing it. I felt fine when I left here…went home and intended to lay down for about a half hour. Two and a half hours later…oooops?!?!?!
I guess I didn’t know how tired I really was. So the good news is, I feel better today and I have some better stories to blog about.

Chopper 13 again gave you a live view of the emergency spillway at Saylorville that you couldn’t get anywhere else. It really makes a difference on a story like this one. So the river levels are going to go up significantly with this release at Saylorville. We have to see what it is going to do to the levee system in Des Moines. You would hope the levees, especially where it broke in Birdland back in 2008. An important note, All of the downtown Des Moines events going on this weekend for the 4th of July are still as scheduled…except for the concert that was supposed to be at Simon Estes Amphitheatre. Those are at the Val Aire instead.

New Laws
Not that you should have been doing it before…but stop texting and driving. It’s illegal in Iowa now. Here’s a list of other new laws from this morning’s Des Moines Register.

Yes that’s right I said Maggots! They were on a plane bound for Charlotte. I guess someone had put a container of rancid meat in the carry on luggage compartment. So we need to have a talk with TSA about what they’re letting through these days right? I get cavity searched for having baby formula and this guy can bring the Zombie Cattleman’s Association goodie bag into coach?


If you were watching at the bottom of the 6am hour about 6:30, I slipped a Peter Gabriel reference into the start of our script. 100 points to anyone who can tell me what it was. This won’t be a hint to most of you who read this but I actually did an interpretive dance to this song when I was a Senior in HS…yep I took dance instead of PE. Wrestling class with a bunch of sweaty guys or girls in leotards….hmmmm I think I made the right choice.

So Tiffany Tauschek from the GDMCVB asked if I would judge something for the Wing Din about three months ago. I said yes…plenty of notice and I like Tiff so why not right? So I thought it was going to be a WING EATING Contest or some sort of taste contest…best wings in town. Nope. It’s the Gold Wing Road Riders Wing Ding 32 Talent Show. How I am qualified for this who knows (see my dance experience below)?
Anyway this thing starts at 6pm at the Polk County Convention Complex. I would assume it’s open if you want to come see.

I finished this off this morning from home buy Lynette is here and I am going to take advantage of the nice weather and get OUTSIDE! I’ll have my cell on standby just in case work needs to call me back and I’d suggest you do the same if you are anywhere near the river.
Have a great day!


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